Children's Cooking Party Packages

Chef will come to your home!

Pricing starts at $250.00 Plus cost of food & supplies

Email for info - mychefstation

CupCake Party
Pizza Party
Pasta & Meatballs


Bake a batch of cupcakes

Make Frosting

Decorate Cupcakes

Lunch while Cupcakes cook & cool

Each person will take home a cupcake 

as a party favor.


10 kids - 3 hours





Learn to make a fast & easy Pizza

 from scratch

Cupcakes for Dessert


10 kids - 2 hours








Learn the Art of The Meatball

We will work as a group prepping all the ingredients for the meatballs,

then roll and bake them.

While our meatballs are baking we

will make our sauce and noodles.

Cupcakes for Dessert!

10 kids - 2 hours






Add Chef Hats to the Party for $2.00 per person

Want to Decorate the Chef Hats add $12.00

Want to Decorate your cupcakes add $12.00

Want to add indivigual party containers to take home your cupcakes add $1.00 per person


Pasta Making

Learn the Art of Fresh Pasta Making


We will be making  Ricotta Gnocchi

Fresh Pasta Sauce

A garden salad

 Homemade Italian Salad Dressing



Cupcakes for Dessert!

10 kids - 2.5 hours

Fondant Cake Decorating

Decorate your birthday cake with your friends!

We will roll out the fondant,

Cut out Flowers with fondant press

Cover your cake in fondant

 Decorate the cake with all the flowers made!

10 kids

2 Hours